Saturday, December 22, 2007

Large body of human garbage found in Pacific Ocean

If you have been watching the TV Network news lately you would have heard about the massive body of garbage that has been found collecting in the center of the Pacific Ocean. The reporters have mentioned that the area is bigger than the state of Texas. They are blaming all nations surrounding the Pacific for the garbage. They are stating that the major cause is from trash left beside river and streams that found their way down to the ocean.

Here is where I dispute that claim. Those reporters have not taken into account the events of major storms that have caused a great deal of massive flooding in coastal regions throughout the Pacific rim area. There is no human way to prevent large items from being washed out to sea during a hurricane, monsoon or coastal flooding due to a major rain storm. People are more concerned about saving lives than things and are not about to risk their lives to save a house being washed away. I hope that next time those reporters will take into consideration other factors as well a just trash left beside the river.

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