Friday, October 23, 2009

Be careful what you flush down the toilet

More and more pharmaceutical products are ending up in the world's water supplies. Water treatment plants are not equipped to handle the broken down pills and prescriptions that people have flushed down their toilets or washed down their drains. This is not counting the untold incidents of illegal dumping done by companies to get rid of products that did not make it to market or failed clinical trials.

If those products are ending up in our drinking water, what is happening to the world's oceans? They, the oceans and seas, are ending up becoming the world's cesspool. So next time you what to get rid of a weight loss product or an expired prescription think twice before dumping in your toilet or drain. Contact your local doctor or pharmacy to see if they have a disposal system in place for medications.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A rainy day in the Pacific Northwest

Storm season has arrived. I got all the outside stuff finished yesterday, like mowing the lawns and putting stuff away so it would not get water damaged or blown over by the wind. Today I have college homework to do. I have got to get to finish yet another essay for writing class and of course there is always math.

Sitting here watching the heavy rain come down and seeing the trees dropping their autumn leaves. I almost feel like I am getting nothing done. I should be out collecting samples or observing something related to sea life. But no, I sit and type.

About an hour ago I did try and make a call about my printer. I hate getting those call center places that don't speak English too well. They couldn't help me so I found the answer online. Oh well, I had better get that essay finished so I can enjoy tomorrow - the weather is suppose to be better.

Strength training - country style

Spending too much time just doing homework lately. That and sitting in those long boring classes has made my body to mush. On Friday I stopped over a friend's house and we were going to go out but since a storm was coming in she had to move 14 bales of hay into her hay barn. Me, usually active chipped into help so we could leave. Well after just one month of school my muscles have become like limp noodles. Thankfully I did not pull any muscles but I sure I did feel sore afterwards. I think that I did lose belly fat, if I had much to loose that is, during that little workout with the bales.

Just today my friend tells me that the bales were 175lbs each! No wonder my muscles felt like mush. When my family use to get bales for their cattle they were the smaller 80lb ones. Now I feel strong!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Winter storm season is nearly here

The Pacific Northwest will be starting it's winter storm season in the next 24 to 48 hours. Rain will be the norm for many months to come. Personally I love the rain - it keeps everything green here. It will soon be snow season at my house. Last year we had snow for several weeks before Christmas which is unusual. The normal snow season is from January to March.

The Grey Whales along the coast will be soon starting their migration south to Mexico. I might just bundle up in my warm winter jacket and go watch, no need to worry about being just a tad overweight, who needs a new weight loss pill when my jacket can cover it all? Ha, winter and another life cycle begins.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Finding time to promote this blog

As many of you know, I recently had a slight injury that kept me occupied and away from the blog. Well, I am back. I also started my fall term in college so that took up another 2 weeks. Now that I am settling in to my classes I hope to post more blog posts on here. I have also noticed that readership has dropped slightly so I now have to submit the blog to a few more free web directories. The big bonus of my college term is the fact I am taking a creative writing class so I get to practice that art here. Right now I have a few homework assignments to do.