Friday, January 23, 2009

A pod of 50 sperm whales perish off Australia

This is a tragic video of a group of sperm whales that had beached themselves on a sand bar just off the coast of Australia. At last count there were at least 50 whales in the pod and only 5-7 of them still alive when rescuers first arrived. The rescuers are trying frantically to save the remaining ones by keeping them wet until the tide turns so they can be pushed or dragged back into the sea.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Zebra fish eyes

Did you know that the Zebra fish has the talent for generating their own eyes if they get damaged? That is just one of the remarkable things that fish can do that other animals can't. Humans that are blind may benefit from that phenomena. There is current research going on to determining if the cells that are in the Zebra fish can be used to repair human retinas. If it does work then people that are blind would have a chance at sight again. I wonder if the research would eventually do away with glasses for everyone. Right now the only alternative is to go to some Boston Lasik doctor and have the procedure done.

Other sea life that can regenerate parts of their bodies are starfish and octopus. If they lose a limb they can grow back a new one.

Pet fish taken away by the DEC

Here is an interesting story about a man who found a non-native fish species in the local lake. He took the fish home and kept it as a pet for 5 years. At the time he took the fish home it was not illegal to do so. Now the laws have changed and it is now illegal to keep that kind of fish. The DEC is worried that the fish (which is kept in a tank in this man's home) will some how find it's way back to the lake and start gobbling up the native Bass. Government gone crazy if you ask me.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Salt water aquarium fish

One of my favorite salt water aquarium fish are seahorses. I have always wanted a tank full of those little creatures. After doing some research on them when I was in my late teens I decided against them. The main reasons at the time were that very few of the seahorses in captivity were bred in captivity but caught in the wild. As a result many seahorses died.

Since then there are many places that breed salt water aquarium fish for sale to the pet trade rather then catch them in the wild.

There is one Los Angeles fish store that you can buy salt water fish at good prices. Not only can you buy fish from them but also buy live coral. The same store also tank raises some of their own seahorses which is unusual for the west coast of the USA. It is still unfortunate that many salt water fish are still live caught for the pet industry. Maybe one day someone will have better luck at raising and domesticating many of the salt water fish just like the fresh water goldfish.

Friday, January 9, 2009

New trouble for the north pole

Now that the ice is slowly melting the polar cap at the top of our world there is a new quest for greed. Video news below shows that there is now a quest to rape the raw resources found beneath the polar ice.