Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dolphins aided by human help

In Canada last week 3 dolphins became isolated from the ocean in a bay by an ice shelf. The small local community of Seal Cove heard the dolphins calling and thought that they might die. The ice shelf had drifted further into the bay and the small circle of open water in the center of the ice shelf where the dolphins were getting their air was shrinking fast.

The residents called the Canadian Federal government for help with sending an ice breaker ship but the government said there was none available. A local fisherman with his own trawler finally cut a path in the ice from the bay to the open sea. 2 of the dolphins made a dash to the open sea but the 3rd on was too weak from swimming in the open hole for over a week. A 17 year old boy jumped into the water wearing a survival suit and helped the 3rd dolphin.

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David - green environmental thoughts said...

The world is full of caring people. We have to let them know that it is good to care and to act on that motivation. And if we can provide opportunities for others to do something good, that is also a good deed.