Friday, June 6, 2008

Salt water aquariums

As you know I have always had a fond spot for salt water aquarium fish. I personally have never had a salt water aquarium although I had been tempted at one time to raise dwarf seahorses. My main reason behind not having a marine aquarium was the fact that most of the exotics were either too pricey or not available in a local store. I have also had a long standing fight with myself about how the marine life was captured or tank raised for the pet industry.

Marine aquariums do take more than the average amount of aquarium care compared to the fresh water tanks I use to keep. The most demanding fresh water fish that I raised was the pond full of Koi I had in my teens. They stayed with my parents when I left home. My father was so thrilled when they were breeding like crazy. To him that meant the Koi had the perfect environment.

Salt Water Fish can and do make a wonderful addition to the home that has someone that can devote the time and care that they need. They will require the best of filtering for the salt water and you will need to check the ph balance of the water often. I have heard from friends that live coral can be tricky to raise but you can pat yourself on the back when they thrive in your care.

My favorite as I said is the Seahorse and they are very picky eaters that require just the right size of live food. They eat brine shrimp that would need to be raised as well as the fish themselves. So you can see how have a salt water aquarium can become very labor intensive, but the fish are so beautiful.

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