Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Say no to new off shore drilling

I have got to hand it to the politicians, they not only want the support of the general public opinion but they are also in the back pocket of the oil companies. Bush and McCain both wanting to lift the ban on new off shore oil drilling and exploration are nothing more than bids for votes. I wonder which oil company owns which politician?

Let's get the facts straight first, shall we? The USA imports only 10% of it's oil. The great majority comes from Canada, while the next supply comes from Venezuela, with about 1% coming from OPEC countries. I wonder why those facts are not more widely known by the American public? I know, because the oil companies don't want you to know.

Next, the price of gasoline is governed largely by supply and demand. As long as we are willing to pay for the current asking price of a gallon of fuel the price will stay high. Once the demand goes down, so will the price. Now you have to keep in mind that the USA is not the largest consumer of oil but China is. The second largest consumer is India. Once our consumption of oil decreases the oil companies can then supply other countries with oil. The USA would then become a supplier instead of a consumer. So much for the lesson in economics today.

Now to the ecology stand. I wonder if everyone has forgotten about this little subject of Global Warming? Do I need to go and slap someone up the side of the head and say "knock it off with the oil production and consumption"? China is so polluted right now because of industrialization it makes me want to puke. We as a human community on the face of this Earth have to learn to do without fossil fuels. With the prospect of new oil drilling that might take the pressure off of car companies and government to find alternate non-polluting fuels. Can we live with more flooding, extreme temperature and climate changes due to our zeal in consuming oil? Give it a break people, learn to do without for once.

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