Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wakame Seaweed

What is wakame seaweed? There are many varieties of seaweed but not all of them are edible. Wakame seaweed is the seaweed that you find in oriental salads and soups. It is different than the seaweed used to wrap sushi. Wakame seaweed is farmed as a crop in Japan. You will find wakame seaweed used in many products including diet pills such as apidexin because of its digestive benefits.

Another health benefit from the ocean

Did you know that seaweed has many health benefits? One of them is as a digestive aid and source of vitamins. Another one is as a eczema treatment. A paste is made from the seaweed and it is used as a cream to treat many skin conditions. So you see, seaweed is not just something wrapped around sushi.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My collection of fish books

When I was little I always had a fish tank with some sort of swimming resident. Since it was my pet and mine alone I had to take of what ever fish I had at the time. Of course I had, and still have many of them, lots of books about pet fish. I did sell a few of them over the years and even listed some of them on Amazon books but I will not get rid of my favorite ones about seahorses. The funny thing is, I never had seahorses as pets, even in the days when you could get a pregnant papa seahorse in the mail for $2.98 I just never thought that I could care for them very well so I passed on have one as a pet. But that did not stop me from reading all I could about them and talking to pet shop owners who sold them.

Marine photography

Photography has been a life long hobby of mine but I never have done underwater photography yet. I think that is because of the limited number of cameras on the market that don't cost and arm and a leg. Believe me, I need that arm and leg.

I really admire the photos that people put up on the internet that have beautiful underwater scenery. From the simple shots to the complex ones that have been set up - I love them all.

I also love the videos that people put up on tube, anything from their own dives to slide shows they have put together with ocean sounds.

I don't know, just call me a nut, since I love the visual media.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Did you know?

I find that the history of the Earth is fascinating. I am not talking about human history but geologic and marine history. For example do you know what limestone is made of? It is ancient reef beds. Did you also know that the Andes mountain range is made mostly of limestone? That mountain range was created when the plate containing India collided with the Asian plate, millions of years ago. Another fascinating fact is that those deep marine trenches in the ocean is where the oceanic plates are sliding underneath the continental plate.

To understand the phenomenon of underwater volcanos more I am taking an advanced geology class. This course is absolutely fascinating. I have to do a poster on any subject related to geology as my final project. I was just taking a break from researching universal life insurance quotes and doing my homework when I just had to share those facts with you. I also found this photo and just wanted to share it too.