Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Did you know?

I find that the history of the Earth is fascinating. I am not talking about human history but geologic and marine history. For example do you know what limestone is made of? It is ancient reef beds. Did you also know that the Andes mountain range is made mostly of limestone? That mountain range was created when the plate containing India collided with the Asian plate, millions of years ago. Another fascinating fact is that those deep marine trenches in the ocean is where the oceanic plates are sliding underneath the continental plate.

To understand the phenomenon of underwater volcanos more I am taking an advanced geology class. This course is absolutely fascinating. I have to do a poster on any subject related to geology as my final project. I was just taking a break from researching universal life insurance quotes and doing my homework when I just had to share those facts with you. I also found this photo and just wanted to share it too.

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