Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Varieties of the fantail Goldfish

The fantail Goldfish has an elliptical shaped body with a split tail. When they swim they kind of waddle through the water. They are not very fast swimmers so they are not very popular as pond fish but are great tank pets. There are many varieties of the fantail Goldfish. The longer finned versions are called veiltails. The fantail also comes in a variety of colors and scale types. There are many varieties of Goldfish that closely resemble the fantail and may have been bred originally from them to create new varieties.

After reading online about the average size of this fish I have come to the conclusion that not many people who write for the internet about Goldfish actually owned them. For example the articles I found mentioned the average size for a fantail was from 1-3 inches in diameter. My guess is that they have never seen a pond grown one like I owned. My fantail grew to a large 5" from nose to base of tail and she was only 10 years old when she died. Since fish keep growing until they die she would have gotten much larger given enough time. Goldfish live an average of 20 years and often more.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sea life everywhere

I love sea life. I mean I really love it. I have a bathroom that painted light blue and has ceramic mounted all over the walls. I would enjoy having each room decorated with a ocean theme. I would have a whale room and a shoreline room and a seahorse room. Or maybe I would go with ocean climates like ice flows and tropical bays.

A friend of mine did her child's room in tropical fish, cute baby tropical fish. The colors were just wonderful. Of course she also had her Baby jogger city select outfitted with fish too. I wonder if her child will end up as a future marine biologist. I personally doubt it because my mother decorated my bedroom with unicorns all over the place.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Blog ranting

I can fully understand why some people give up on their blogs. For the last 2 years I use to visit an interesting blog about guppies. The writer was a teen that had a passion for his fish. I started to notice that the comments were no longer being moderated and spam comments were being signed by "my favorite book" or "best diet pills for women" and other such junk. Soon the posts were not being added regularly.

I visited one last time and saw a "good bye" post. Blogging was getting "old" to the writer and the spammers and nasty commentators got to him. I can understand that since I get the oddball comment and my share of spammers too. I can only say that if he had not allowed comments on his blog he would have been better off for it.

Ok, rant over now, you can all go back to ocean viewing.

Why is really important news swept under a rug?

I am talking about huge ecological disasters, the ones that make the news briefly then disappear, never to be heard of again. Oil spills are notorious for being ignored by the major news organizations. One of those huge container ships sinks every few days yet nothing is even mentioned about them.

Then you have that on going floating garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean that was mentioned a few years ago - well that thing has not disappeared. That was one disaster that could have been preveranted.

I often wonder if big business is not only controlling our government but also what we see and hear via the main stream media. I am so grateful that we have Twitter, where news is instant and almost viral.

Monday, April 12, 2010

What is your ideal sea related job?

If you could have any job that had to do with working either in the ocean or near the ocean, what would it be? Keep in mind I said ANY and that means you already have what ever skills or education needed for that job.

Would it be an underwater photographer for National Geo? How about a member of the film crew for Deadliest Catch?

Would it be less glamorous but more important like being the research scientist that finds the reason why there is a decrease in the salmon population? Or maybe the person who discovers a new life form at the bottom of the ocean.

Come on, I want to hear about it. If you have a blog or website about your favorite ocean career then leave a link to it. I am sure that my readers would be interested in finding out about it too.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Water wings

A fellow college student in my advanced PE class has decided she wants to be a swimming instructor. The only thing holding her back is the fact she can barely swim. That has not stopped her however. She has enrolled in a swimming instructor class. She just barely passed the swimming test yesterday and next Tuesday she has to tread water with a 10 pound weight between her knees.

I have yet to find out how much the pay is for the instructor position that she wants this coming summer but I bet it is pretty good. She is already a fitness instructor for several of the college courses so she is in great condition.

So far she loves the fact that while she is enrolled in the course she has unlimited access to the swimming pool and spas. It was at the end of her first class session that she had a run in with one of the spa covers and ended up in an embarrassing position in the pool deck.

I can't wait until I hear about how she manages to pass the treading water test. I'll just have to wait until next week to find out.

Taking my PDA with me everywhere

I guess I am a cheapskate when it come to phones and gadgets. All of my friends have iPhones and iPods but I have something better, an older PDA. You know one of those palm sized computers. I have an HP which can connect to the internet - for free and play music and I can watch videos but I can also take notes, pictures and make audio comments.

That little PDA has gone with me everywhere, from the beach to the classroom and taking notes for labs. I can even add a memory card and operate some good sized software programs on it. My one came with Excel, Word and project management software. I know someone that works in a hospital and has a PDA with a medical reference library on it.

I love my little outdated and non-phone PDA. It works for me.