Thursday, May 29, 2008

Planning ahead

If you have ever been out on the ocean in a small craft then you know the importance of boating navigation. It is no laughing matter to get out on the ocean without a depth finder or communication to the mainland. I should know, the boat I was in had just narrowly missed hitting a reef that was only 5 feet below the surface but with the small swells the reef came within inches of slicing the boat open. This happened several years ago when I was a teen and I will never forget the panicked look on my uncles' face. Ever since then I have been a big fan of electronic gizmo's for marine use. Whenever I climb aboard a boat I am always asking if there is a depth finder on board along with the mandatory life jackets.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Update on Sea Lion deaths at Bonneville Dam

Last week 6 Sea Lions were found dead in a trap floating near the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River. It was reported that they were shot. An autopsy was performed and the results were found that they all died of heat exhaustion. It was not determined how the door on the large floating trap got closed to prevent the Sea Lions from going back into the water. The traps were designed to be manually closed when trapping the animals. The investigation into their deaths is continuing and all trapping of Sea Lions has been suspended. The news story can be found here with a news video.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sea lions shot

6 Stellar Sea Lions have been found dead. They were shot near the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River that is the border of Washington and Oregon. As you may recall there was an order to remove(at the time they were to be caught and killed)the Sea Lions from the area because it was thought that they were contributing to the decline in salmon numbers. I hardly think that 60 Sea Lions would be the cause for the entire decline of the total salmon numbers on the west coast of the USA When the order came out there was an immediate law suit and stop order to the action by the American Humane Society(good for them). The Sea Lions were then to be caught and relocated to various zoos and other captive areas around the world.

The 6 Sea Lions were found today around noon by the mammal marine biologist working the relocation effort. The Sea Lions were shot in the capture cages on the floating barges set up to catch them. The local authorities are treating the area as a crime scene. They are currently looking into how to remove the bodies to do further exams.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Ice shelf has broken off

I am sure by now you have seen or heard about this. If you haven't then a video is below of the event.