Monday, November 22, 2010

DONT buy fur this Christmas

It is making a comeback! Fur coats are now creeping back to becoming in vogue again. The hideous coat in the photo above is made out of otter. It costs about $1K and is being sold online. I found it at eBay, Amazon and other venues. You see people will buy something online that they don't have to pass through a line of protesters in front of a fur coat store.

Don't be a sneaky online shopper and buy fur clothing made from baby seals or otters. Spend Cyber Monday supporting a good cause instead of supporting an industry that should have died decades ago.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cold weather does not cause colds!!!

Why is it that some people will not let go of old myths, also known as "wives tales." It is beyond me why old half truths and made up stories still have a strong hold on some people. Here is a list of myths and outright lies that are still strong today:
  • Oil is made up of the bones of dinosaurs. No it is not
  • Colds are caused by exposure to cold weather. No, colds are caused by a virus
  • Too much of a vitamin will cause health problems, not enough vitamins will make you sick. Take your pick on that one
  • Dolphins and whales are fish. Are you kidding me?
So what are your favorite myths and untruths? Comments about politics will not be published since they are all lies.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gifts for a ocean lover

If I can't go to the coast and frolic on the beach in this frigged, cold winter weather then I can shop. Let's see, what would an ocean loving person want? Something interesting perhaps persnonalized gifts or a travel DVD, underwater travel of course. I would stay away from anything that was made from sea life. Don't buy preserved seahorses or something made from a sea turtle shell. Think before you buy that gift.

Winter is here

The Pacific Northwest is now getting its first major snow storm of the season. Wind, heavy rain and high swells on the seas. Time to put away those julbo sunglasses until sunny weather arrives next spring. While it is rare to have snow on the beach, we do have lots of snow in the coastal mountain range. I have already witnessed local flooding in the Willamette Valley. I expect to see lots more in the next few days.