Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The ocean holds human health secrets

The future of human medicine might just hinge on discoveries of the deep. We all know how to lower bad cholesterol, by eating fish. There is something about fish oils that are beneficial to human health. Kelp also has been found to help digestion. Algae has been used in countless remedies.

I can see that many of the cures of human ailments will be found in the world's oceans, that is provided that us humans don't destroy the oceans first.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Star fish facts

Just some wondrous facts about star fish also known as sea stars:
  • If a star fish loses a leg (or arm if you prefer) they will regenerate another one to replace it.
  • Their suction cups extenze from the tips of their legs to their mouth openings.
  • The star fish has no brain, they "think" with their skin.
  • Star fish eat clams and oysters
There are hundreds of different varieties of star fish, the one in the photo above is a rose star.

How salty is salt water?

Salinity is the way we gauge how much salt there is in water. Some salt water environments, also called marine, have more or less salt in them. Salt water is less prone to freeze than water that has little or no salt in it. All water has some form of salinity in it, even fresh water. Water coming down out of the mountains gathers up minerals and salt as it travels down stream.

The human body also contains salt water. We sweat and cry salt water. Salt water AKA saline solution is what is used to replace our body fluids in hospitals. Salt water is also used to as an eczema treatment and to treat damaged skin. But how does salt water in a marine environment compare to the saline in the human body? The world's oceans range from 3.1% to 3.8% salinity. The human body is around 0.9% so the world's oceans contain 3 times the amount of salt as our bodies do.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A warning to those who want a college degree

Unfortunately with the advent of the internet came the con artists with promises of easy online degrees. While it is true that you can earn a degree online, it is usually through a major college that you have already registered with and have taken on sight classes. I hate to say it but many thousands of online classes are completely worthless. Not only have they taken your money but their fly by night college usually disappears.

A search of the Better Business Bureau does not make much sense to me since the BBB is funded by the very businesses it claims to be a watch dog of. Your best bet with finding out if the online course is legit is to Google the college name and check to see if it is registered in your state or country as a college.

A word to the wise, you cannot learn biology via the internet, especially marine biology. The classes you have to take have lab study time and hands on experience, both of them not available online.

It is finals week at the college

I am thankful that I only have one class that has a final this semester. My other classes all had tests throughout the class session so having a final would not be logical for them.

At least I don't have to study for a gmat prep or a test to get a cert, at least not just yet. Some good news is that I will be getting work time as college credit next semester. Have to go now and take my text books back. Don't you just love book buyback week? I sure do.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Outdoor life is just around the corner

It maybe raining today but in the next few weeks the weather will be getting drier and the days longer. I am currently looking across my living room to where my tv stands and will be bidding it a fond farewell until we meet again during the next foul weather span. I rarely watch TV as it is and in fact spend most of my time online when not in class or on a field trip. Spring break is almost here and I have only one final during finals week.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Water fitness

I am fortunate to have a swimming pool but swimming pools take a lot of regular maintenance. Of course I also use fitness equipment to stay in shape but I would love to exchange that equipment and the pool for one of those swimming spas. The one thing I don't like about swimming laps in a swimming pool is just that - laps.

Weddings at the beach

Romance at the beach. Walking on the beach hand in hand with your loved one. Sounds romantic doesn't it? Have you ever witnessed a beach wedding? Believe me they are not always the most romantic of settings. The wedding favors often get blown all over the place and the wedding dress gets soaked. Of course I love the beach but I think I will skip the weddings on them.

Technology and the outdoors

I never thought that having a cell phone would become such an informational device. Recently a local high school was on full alert when a text message went viral throughout the entire student population. A sexual predator had been spotted in the area and not only was it a text message but it came complete with a picture of the suspect.

With Twitter now on cell phones it is becoming a very fast way to communicate such ecology news items such as oil spills in real time but also the progress of whale hunting on the high seas.

I praise such technology improvements but I still can't get use to people wearing those Bluetooth headsets in the grocery store. I remember a time when you had to wait to you got home to make or receive a phone call.