Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It is finals week at the college

I am thankful that I only have one class that has a final this semester. My other classes all had tests throughout the class session so having a final would not be logical for them.

At least I don't have to study for a gmat prep or a test to get a cert, at least not just yet. Some good news is that I will be getting work time as college credit next semester. Have to go now and take my text books back. Don't you just love book buyback week? I sure do.


Steve said...

Buybacks are a joke. It's absurd to think that books are a) mandatory, b) expensive, and c) worthless after one term. Once they offered me $5 for an $80 textbook. No thanks, I'll keep the book.
At this point I only buy lab manuals, not textbooks. It's cheaper and easier to just read Wikipedia and Britannica and take notes from there.

Animal Lover said...

Wow Steve, Your college is not as good as mine. They buyback at the rate of 60% the purchase price and that is even on used books. I just sold back a used math text book that I purchased for $65 and I got $42 for the buyback.