Friday, December 30, 2011

A big change is the direction of this blog

This blog started out as a blog on the website. It was written by my then grade school daughter. She wrote in it for a few years then let it go. I took it over for a few months then my I let my niece take charge of it. She was the one who was taking college courses and actually becoming a marine biologist. She really didn't have that much time for the blog and basically wrote in it abut once a month. So she left it and now I have it again.

I was shopping with my now high school age daughter and asked her if she wanted the blog back. She said she would think about it but she gave me her answer as we were checking out with a pair of carhartt pants. Her answer is that she has too much school work to bother with a blog. I can fully understand where she is coming from.

So I will continue the blog but there will be some changes. No more talk about doing research at the coast or class studies. The blog will take on the direction that it was meant to when my daughter first started it - it will be about sealife.