Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nothing says Merry Christmas like the sound of gunfire

While most of you are enjoying your Christmas morning surrounded by the sound of children giggling with delight at opening toy gifts or adults sharing stories about those odd custom made corporate gifts they received at the office, I am subjected to the sound of gunfire.

No I am not spending Christmas Day in a war zone, nor am I located in a high crime inner city. I live in what most people consider to be the peaceful countryside in rural America. The gunfire is made by children who's parents and relatives have given the gift of a rifle for Christmas.

All I ask is that no animals are harmed but in my heart I know that the rifle was bought to kill and not for shooting at hay bales with targets on them. Tomorrow I will read about all about the injuries or listen to the neighbors boast about their 7 year old's target practice.

Have a Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hoping to have a Merry Christmas

It is that time of year when we are expected to buy gifts, enjoy the company of friends and family and cherish being alive. That all ended for me just a few days ago when some idiot stole over $400 from my bank account. They...he or she, got my ATM card number and went on a buying spree online buying software downloads and order electronic cigarettes online. So the thief is either under age or a creep with habits.

While I would love to say that my bank (Chase) handled the whole thing for me, that is not the case. They said I was to contact all the merchants and convince them to issue a refund. WTF!!!! Chase was suppose to have a security clause for my account. That apparently means little or nothing to them. If I can't get my money back in 30 or less then I will be moving my accounts out of Chase for good.

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope your bank account is safe.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Storms bring beach trash

Winter storms bring more than high waves and erosion to the shore line, they also deposit trash on the beaches. When you think of trash you are probably thinking about bottles and cans with the regular human picnic trash. Winter storm trash is much larger than that. There have been instances of sunken ships and boats washing up on beaches along with their cargo. These are not old ships and boats but modern ones. Their cargo could be anything from cars to mattresses and all of that can become beach trash.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No college for the winter semester

Well it is time to take a break from my college classes for the winter semester and go back to work for awhile. Got to save more money for my next classes. Tuition is not cheap and I vow not to have a college loan on my back when I finally graduate....if I get that far. Yes I am always finding that I want to learn more, but boy does it get expensive!

What is in your drinking water?

Do you know that chemicals can leach into your drinking water? Sure, you are thinking about bottled water but I am not. I am thinking about water hoses and water lines that are in your house. The water line that runs to your refrigerator from your house water could have chemicals in it that is leaching into your water. If you ever drink from your garden hose outside or use it to fill your pets water, NEVER use a hose that is from recycled materials. Most of them have warnings on their labels to not use it for drinking water - it may cause cancer!!!

Rubber is made from oil so almost all hoses are petroleum hoses but some are made from nylon and other materials. Investigate the materials before you use them to transport drinking water in them. If they are safe, it will usually be labeled as safe for drinking water.