Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What is in your drinking water?

Do you know that chemicals can leach into your drinking water? Sure, you are thinking about bottled water but I am not. I am thinking about water hoses and water lines that are in your house. The water line that runs to your refrigerator from your house water could have chemicals in it that is leaching into your water. If you ever drink from your garden hose outside or use it to fill your pets water, NEVER use a hose that is from recycled materials. Most of them have warnings on their labels to not use it for drinking water - it may cause cancer!!!

Rubber is made from oil so almost all hoses are petroleum hoses but some are made from nylon and other materials. Investigate the materials before you use them to transport drinking water in them. If they are safe, it will usually be labeled as safe for drinking water.

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