Saturday, February 20, 2010

Whale blubber - human uses

The consumption of whale blubber still occurs in this modern age of conservation. One would think that consumption of what amounts to fat of the whale would be injurious to the people who are consuming it, but that is not the case. Whale blubber has been found to be very different from land animal fat. The blubber properties are high in antioxidants and have a tendency to do good to the arteries of the people who consume it.

Blubber is unfortunately still seen as the best fat burner in the terms of oil in some areas of the world. A large whale often produces 50 tons of oil of which cosmetics, candles and some soaps are made from.

Countries that lack other methods of producing fuel for warmth are the one who are most likely to continue whaling.

Whale puke

Pic of whale puke

Do you often wonder what happens when whales puke and poop? I do. The enormous size of the animal is enough to make me wonder what happens to their excrement when they have a bout of diarrhea too. It takes the phrase "colon cleansing" to a whole new level, doesn't it? I do know that whale puke floats and that it is highly prized as an ingredient in perfumes. I really can't imagine putting whale puke on my body as a fragrance but I probably have done it without knowing about it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fish I have raised

I was in my backroom where I have sort of a library/office set up. I needed to sort through a few things and came across an old notebook where I had logged all the information, dates and results of a guppy breeding venture I had when I was a teen. I had gotten the bright idea to breed show guppies and then sell the offspring that didn't come up to show standards to the local pet store.

I thought my idea was brilliant until I found out that I needed more and more 10 gallon tanks to separate the males from the females and then separate the different types and colors. It was becoming a logistics nightmare.

Looking over that old notebook brought back memories of finding the best prenatal vitamins for fish, yes they do have them. I also had to keep on hand lots of fresh water plants so they were more inclined to breed.

Would I try it again one day? Nah, it was just a childhood pipe dream for me. Let someone else take over and breed guppies.

An inside type of day

With the winter storms still coming in from the Pacific it is a day to get things done inside. No school today and only 2 class days left this week. I am having some down time from school. The next long stretch will be spring break and hopefully I can get time to go to the coast. I have also got to get my income taxes done as well. Been putting that off for the last few weeks. Finding out that the tax software is priced differently in each store. I also need to put myself on more of a stringent budget. Oh where to find best home budget software for me?

Indoor time.....I think I will go and get a bag or 2 filled for Goodwill.....wait the sun is coming out!!! Should I stay in or go out.......a question to ponder.

More trials and tribulations of being a blog owner

I am thinking seriously about not having comments activated on my blog. I am really getting sick and tired of people trying to push their spammy website, diet pills, gambling or products. Most of the time I have never even heard of the stuff. Just today I get a rambling comment for a link exchange to some blog pushing tretinoin cream, something that I don't even know what it is, nor do I care. That comment got rejected in a heart beat. Do those people think I can't read or are they under the misguided assumption that all comments are automatic and unmoderated?

Since I don't really get that many comments I might just do just that, make all of my blog posts so you can't comment on them.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ocean games

When I was younger and the videos games were limited to the PC, I remember there were many videos that had a oceanography theme. Ocean Explorers was one of my favorites. There were even games that identified the marine life with real videos of the sea mammals and fish.

Nowadays the video game industry has done very little in the way of really fun educational games. The math games are boring and when it comes to biology you can forget it....there is nothing.....nothing for the ps3, nothing for the xbox and not even anything for the PC. I wonder why blood and violence sells or maybe it doesn't but that is all there is being offered.