Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fish I have raised

I was in my backroom where I have sort of a library/office set up. I needed to sort through a few things and came across an old notebook where I had logged all the information, dates and results of a guppy breeding venture I had when I was a teen. I had gotten the bright idea to breed show guppies and then sell the offspring that didn't come up to show standards to the local pet store.

I thought my idea was brilliant until I found out that I needed more and more 10 gallon tanks to separate the males from the females and then separate the different types and colors. It was becoming a logistics nightmare.

Looking over that old notebook brought back memories of finding the best prenatal vitamins for fish, yes they do have them. I also had to keep on hand lots of fresh water plants so they were more inclined to breed.

Would I try it again one day? Nah, it was just a childhood pipe dream for me. Let someone else take over and breed guppies.

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