Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hoping to have a Merry Christmas

It is that time of year when we are expected to buy gifts, enjoy the company of friends and family and cherish being alive. That all ended for me just a few days ago when some idiot stole over $400 from my bank account. They...he or she, got my ATM card number and went on a buying spree online buying software downloads and order electronic cigarettes online. So the thief is either under age or a creep with habits.

While I would love to say that my bank (Chase) handled the whole thing for me, that is not the case. They said I was to contact all the merchants and convince them to issue a refund. WTF!!!! Chase was suppose to have a security clause for my account. That apparently means little or nothing to them. If I can't get my money back in 30 or less then I will be moving my accounts out of Chase for good.

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope your bank account is safe.

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