Friday, July 9, 2010

My true feelings about the oil spill in the Gulf

Warning: this post may offend some of you

Ok, I have heard just about enough news on the TV about the oil spill in the Gulf and I am pissed. What I am pissed off about is the fact that almost all of the coverage is about how people are affected by the spill. The TV news is covering how people are losing their businesses and work. Well boo who. People can move, find other lines of work, start other businesses. Damn it, what about the sea life that can't move, are having their homes destroyed and some of them will not live through this disaster to continue their species. Instead of the TV news continually covering the economic part of the disaster just to sell commercial air time to viagra and sleep aids, why don't they cover what the Sierra Club, The National Wildlife Federation and other conservation clubs are doing.

I am sorry if I offended some of you but I just had to say that.


Citizen Shelly said...

I totally agree. The real catastrophe is what this is doing to the environment and the ocean life. I don't care about oil jobs either. Those people should move and get clean energy jobs. I have no sympathy for people who are losing their oil jobs. I think the fishermen can move and get other types of jobs too. God knows the rest of the country is having to do that. The disaster here is environmental.

Animal Lover said...

Thank you Shelly, at least I know I am not alone in the way feel