Friday, July 30, 2010

Water proofing your camera

We now live in an age of paperless photos. Where we don't have to bother with film, film developing nor printing them those photos out is we don't want to, that's what digital frames are for. But what about making sure your camera is functioning in surroundings like the beach, on a boat or near a body of water. Sure, you say that you won't get the camera wet or drop it in the water, but what about air born moisture?

People that live close to the ocean will tell you that their electronic devices will corrode after being exposed to salt laden ocean air. If you only go to the ocean once in a great while your camera should be fine but if you live or visit the coast on a weekly basis then I would look into getting a camera that was more resistant to moisture and even better if it was designed for use near or in salt water.

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Trisha Carter said...

I maybe old fashioned but I still prefer printed or developed photos. I like buying photo albums and decorating them before inserting the photos. It's like pampering my memories. Digital photos do have an advantage though, it won't get ruined when an add4green paint spills over it like what my husband did to our wedding album. :(