Thursday, July 15, 2010

How time flies - this blog is almost 3 years old!!

I had not even bothered to look at how many blog posts or even when I started this blog....until just a few minutes ago. I did not realize that I had been writing on here for nearly 3 years now. To be more precise, it will be 3 years in October, but that is almost here!!!

I really can't say what keeps drawing back here to write. I guess I do have something to say and this is the only way anyone will ever listen to me. Even if you get to the point of being a highly educated scientist and knew how to "fix" the entire problem of pollution, energy and balancing the ecology, and could do it still have to make people listen to you and believe in what you have to say. You can't go it alone, as much as you want to believe you can. You have to communicate.

So with this blog almost 3 years old, I can tell you there were times when I thought I should give it up. I thought that no one else reads this thing. Most of the comments were trash or spammy "come visit my website where I sell thermogenic fat burners," yep that one popped up the other day and I don't even know what that is. Then just when I would think that I might call it quits, someone posts a comment to keep me going. All I can say is, thanks I needed that.

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