Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A warning to those who want a college degree

Unfortunately with the advent of the internet came the con artists with promises of easy online degrees. While it is true that you can earn a degree online, it is usually through a major college that you have already registered with and have taken on sight classes. I hate to say it but many thousands of online classes are completely worthless. Not only have they taken your money but their fly by night college usually disappears.

A search of the Better Business Bureau does not make much sense to me since the BBB is funded by the very businesses it claims to be a watch dog of. Your best bet with finding out if the online course is legit is to Google the college name and check to see if it is registered in your state or country as a college.

A word to the wise, you cannot learn biology via the internet, especially marine biology. The classes you have to take have lab study time and hands on experience, both of them not available online.

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