Monday, April 26, 2010

Blog ranting

I can fully understand why some people give up on their blogs. For the last 2 years I use to visit an interesting blog about guppies. The writer was a teen that had a passion for his fish. I started to notice that the comments were no longer being moderated and spam comments were being signed by "my favorite book" or "best diet pills for women" and other such junk. Soon the posts were not being added regularly.

I visited one last time and saw a "good bye" post. Blogging was getting "old" to the writer and the spammers and nasty commentators got to him. I can understand that since I get the oddball comment and my share of spammers too. I can only say that if he had not allowed comments on his blog he would have been better off for it.

Ok, rant over now, you can all go back to ocean viewing.

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