Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Salt water aquarium fish

One of my favorite salt water aquarium fish are seahorses. I have always wanted a tank full of those little creatures. After doing some research on them when I was in my late teens I decided against them. The main reasons at the time were that very few of the seahorses in captivity were bred in captivity but caught in the wild. As a result many seahorses died.

Since then there are many places that breed salt water aquarium fish for sale to the pet trade rather then catch them in the wild.

There is one Los Angeles fish store that you can buy salt water fish at good prices. Not only can you buy fish from them but also buy live coral. The same store also tank raises some of their own seahorses which is unusual for the west coast of the USA. It is still unfortunate that many salt water fish are still live caught for the pet industry. Maybe one day someone will have better luck at raising and domesticating many of the salt water fish just like the fresh water goldfish.

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