Saturday, October 17, 2009

Strength training - country style

Spending too much time just doing homework lately. That and sitting in those long boring classes has made my body to mush. On Friday I stopped over a friend's house and we were going to go out but since a storm was coming in she had to move 14 bales of hay into her hay barn. Me, usually active chipped into help so we could leave. Well after just one month of school my muscles have become like limp noodles. Thankfully I did not pull any muscles but I sure I did feel sore afterwards. I think that I did lose belly fat, if I had much to loose that is, during that little workout with the bales.

Just today my friend tells me that the bales were 175lbs each! No wonder my muscles felt like mush. When my family use to get bales for their cattle they were the smaller 80lb ones. Now I feel strong!

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