Saturday, October 17, 2009

A rainy day in the Pacific Northwest

Storm season has arrived. I got all the outside stuff finished yesterday, like mowing the lawns and putting stuff away so it would not get water damaged or blown over by the wind. Today I have college homework to do. I have got to get to finish yet another essay for writing class and of course there is always math.

Sitting here watching the heavy rain come down and seeing the trees dropping their autumn leaves. I almost feel like I am getting nothing done. I should be out collecting samples or observing something related to sea life. But no, I sit and type.

About an hour ago I did try and make a call about my printer. I hate getting those call center places that don't speak English too well. They couldn't help me so I found the answer online. Oh well, I had better get that essay finished so I can enjoy tomorrow - the weather is suppose to be better.

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