Friday, October 31, 2008

Shopping for new binoculars

I have been using an old pair of binoculars for years now. For whale watching from the coastline they are not a pair that I would choose for doing it. My old camcorder has a better zoom feature on it to allow me to get up close and personal. I have been looking around for a new pair and I think that I might have found a line of binoculars that I like - the NIKON line. The one I have pictured above is their Ocean Pro which they claim is made just for using in an marine environment. I quite frankly never had a problem with the old pair I am using around the water. What NIKON is offering is Free ATB Pro Gear when you purchase a pair of binoculars from them. It is something I'll have to think about since I am also looking for a more powerful zooming feature than what I currently have.

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