Thursday, March 26, 2009

Whale migration patterns

Whales migrate. They make seasonal trips from breeding areas to birthing areas. The birthing areas are typically warmer oceans than the breeding areas. If you plan on going to see the whales during their migration up or down the coastline you will need to know the whale species and the months they migrate. Just miss their migration period and you will have an easier time finding Ferrari parts then you would spotting a whale.

Along the west coast of the USA, gray whales migrate during the spring and fall months. They are traveling from the Alaskan sea to the warm waters off the coast of Mexico. They can only be spotted for a few weeks during their migration on their way along the coast.

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dolphoto said...

Watching whales in their feeding or mating grounds is a lot more fun than watching them on migration. It's like watching people in a club or restaurant rather than seeing them go by on the highway.