Tuesday, November 3, 2009

College blues

It is mid-term and I have 3 classes that I think that I should have dumped after the first 2 weeks. One is a writing class that is a prerequisite for another class that I have to take. The teacher is a self proclaimed author. I was fine with that until I found out the only book she ever wrote was a 15 line children's book, and she read it to us in class today! It was written for 6 year olds to read.

My thoughts were, "this women is a college professor!", then I wondered how she got the job.

Next up is a business class. I needed to take the class to simply get class credits and it was either that or accounting .... and I hate accounting. The business class teacher has spent almost the entire class periods so far showing movies on DVD that are interviews with business owners. Other than showing us how successful the business owners have become none of the material is a how-to or even instructional in any way. The teacher has also shown some questionable "how to start your own business" websites on his refurbished laptop that is hooked up to the overhead so we could all see them. So far I have gotten nothing out of the class.

My last boring class is just that, boring. It is my math class. The only reason I got stuck in that class was the fact that I missed one extra problem on the math entrance placement exam and instead of not needing math at all I have to repeat what I already know. So far I have gotten 100% on all tests and it is a breeze but boring.

I hope next semester is better than this one.

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