Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting close to the sea

So you really love the ocean. The sea, the waves and the tide pools call to you. You want to live near the ocean (or already do) and have a career that involves working either on, in or next to the ocean. How many careers can you think of? Here is what I can think of:

  • Marine biologist
  • Fisherman
  • Tour guide
  • Captain or crew of a ship
  • Underwater welder
  • Worker on an oil rig
  • Pro Surfer
  • Teacher - lessons in swimming, surfing, boating, fishing ect
  • Entrepreneur (para-sailing, helicopter rides, charter boat ect)
  • Scuba diver 
  • Navy personnel
  • Hotel owner
  • Resort owner or worker
I bet you can think of at least a dozen more. My husband actually pursued a career as an underwater welder. He became a certified welder first using all kinds of welding equipment then when he got to the part of training for the underwater part he ran out of finances to get the scuba equipment. Unfortunately the school required him to buy his own equipment, they did not rent it out. So he ended his quest for underwater welding but stayed on land and was a welder for many many years.

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