Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Baby beluga whales born in aquariums

Here is the latest birth announcements of beluga whales born in aquariums all over the world. First is a beluga whale born in the Vancouver Aquarium in Canada in June 2009. The female calf is the second beluga born in that aquarium in less than a year. This is a very welcome birth because it is estimated that only 100K belugas are left in the wild. Also infant mortality rates for baby beluga whales are around 50% in the wild and the reason is yet unknown.

Next is another female born June 12 at SeaWorld in San Antonio. They are currently looking for a name for the young female. Here is a picture of her just after she was born:


Dorothy L said...

So beautiful ans serene :0

Steve Bush said...

They're so cute when they're that young. My girlfriend did baby beluga monitoring at Marine Land in Ontario and she got to watch them swim around all day. We're both Marine Bio students.
I'm very excited about finding this blog!