Sunday, August 16, 2009

My active time of the year

Travel, keeping up with marine biology news and trips out to the local fish hatcheries has kept me active this summer. I often volunteer at the fish hatchery each week. With the cut backs that government agencies are having they welcome us volunteers with open arms. In Oregon if you plan on doing volunteer work you will need to contact the state biologist which is located in Corvallis at OSU.

Volunteers will learn lots of interesting stuff about fish farming, breeding and even taking the fish out to remote lakes in backpacks. I would mainly feed the trout and it might surprise you to know that the trophy trout are fed a special feed compared to the regular trout. Just moving those bags of 50 pound feed around is enough to make anyone think twice about using weight loss supplements. You'll build lots of muscle doing that type of work.

I also like the idea that it gets me outdoors more. There is nothing worse than staying inside on a beautiful day.

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