Tuesday, December 29, 2009

End of 2009 and what have we discovered?

I guess everyone looks back over the year and wonders if we are any better off now, compared to when 2009 began. My biggest new discovery was finding out about that huge mass of floating garbage in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It has been around for years (I think I first heard about it in 2007) and it only starting making the major news this past year. Oh, yes, it was reported before but the national news seemed to ignore it. Stupid stories of Micheal Jackson's lifestyle tended to take up the allotted air time and serious news was left to the internet for people to find out about.

Meanwhile back out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean the mass of plastic junk like water bottles, shrink tube, the discarded child's toy, plastic twine by the mile and non-descriptive little bits of plastic torn apart by the ocean currents all floating together in one huge mass seem to remain in place with no one doing anything about it.

I can't wait for the reports to come back in 10-20 years about how those toxic plastic bits found their way into every organism on the planet. Happy 2010 everyone.

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