Monday, January 4, 2010

Stranded out on a lake

Don't you just love machinery? It, machinery, is a necessary evil, it is great when it works like it is suppose to but a pure devil when it breaks down. I have been out on 2 boats that have had engine problems when out on the water. Thankfully they were both on lakes and not out at sea.

The panic that sets in on people that have not been out very often on boats, will amaze you. They didn't know that the boat owners almost always have a way to get back to shore. If they don't then they don't belong out on the lake.

They were not small vessels either. One boat was owned by a friend and the other one by the state fish and game. The state ha their own mechanics to take care of those types of breakdowns but my friend had the forethought of carrying mechanical breakdown insurance on his boat.

Machinery something I use yet despise.

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