Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sea kelp and myths

Sea kelp is that long wide aquatic plant that is often called sea weed. Kelp is not really a plant as we know land plants but a form of algae. Kelp is used by humans in many ways. We eat it, make it into diet supplements and even make biodegradable clothing out of it. Along with the mass use of sea kelp there is also a lot of false claims about it. It will not make you younger again, it will not rid you of worms (I heard that one a few years back), it is not any kind of recommended dermatologist acne treatments nor is it a miracle cancer cure. Yes it does have some benefits but it is not a cure for everything under the sun.

Since it is an algae, it grows very fast and can be harvested rather heavily. It is also the home to the world's sea otters and they love it.

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