Friday, February 4, 2011

Salt water reef tank

There is nothing prettier than a well cared for salt water reef tank. Picture this beauty in your home. Of course along with the care comes short or no vacations unless you can find someone to come in to your home to feed the live reef and the fish. That person should also know emergency tank care.

I had a friend of mine come in to take care of my 55 gallon tank when I went on vacation one year. I was only gone for 3 days and the fish were common tropical fish, but she let the tank almost completely drain itself out. I was pissed and she said that she thought it was odd that there was water on the floor next to the tank when she checked on everything.....well duh!!!

I couldn't stay mad at her for long, after all she is a good friend. She even got me a Sony VAIO for a gift some months back. Who could stay mad at a person like that?

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