Sunday, March 6, 2011

Marine biology classes are being cut from many school cirriculums

When it comes to cutbacks at the high school and junior college curriculum's, marine biology is often the first program that is cut back on. I guess the powers that be, in those school systems, have decide to make some dramatic changes. There is now an increase in short term learning classes just to get people back into the job market. Unfortunately those colleges don't realize that in the long term it is the research done by biologists and others that are very well educated that will help produce the long term industries of the future.

For example, did you know that bio-diesel can be produced from algae? Darn, now that I mentioned diesel in my blog post, I will probably get a Google ad about a major oil company. Much like the ad that appeared the other day about ashton cigars for sale and I still have no idea what words triggered that ad.

I do put the Google ads on the blog, after all they did help pay for my laptop and some living expenses. 

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