Sunday, March 20, 2011

The sea has gotten its revenge

A week after the tsunami hit Japan's coast we are asked for financial help from that country. I have even been asked to write a blog post about it with a link to the charities asking, begging, for cash. I will not do that and here is my reason:

Each year 20K dolphins are hunted and slaughtered by the Japanese. The Japanese government either does nothing or condones the hunt. Because of that fact and the fact that the hunt still goes on, I will not donate nor advertise donations (with my luck, the Google ads will display them.....sigh).

For those of you who are not familiar with the dolphin hunts in Japan, below is a video of the event.

Now if that footage was too tame for you, here is the graphic version of the hunt. Even YouTube wants you to verify that you are 18 to even see the footage below.


Carol said...

My heart goes out to the innocent, especially the children affected by the Tsunami. Sins of the father this case sins of the fisherman and government of Japan. ! What goes round comes round! Japanese bastards! murderers..murderers..murderers of whales and dolphins.....intelligent.. beautiful .dolphins... one of the most perfect creatures God has created...What are the chances that maybe now the evil fishermen and evil Japanese Government will stop the slaughter of the dolphins and whales in fear of further revenge by the sea! Those murdering fisherman who have slaughtered our dolphins are responsible! and the people of Japan must hold them responsible.. the blood of the victims of the tsunami are on the hands of the disgusting, inhumane fisherman and low life government of Japan!

Anonymous said...

and Sandra Bullock gave 1 million dollars for tsunami victims.... Japan the top five world economy, the number one oceans, whales and dolphins butcher...they deserved more tsunamis....kind of revenge from the sea.........Sandra you forgot Haiti´s earthquake victims....