Friday, April 11, 2008

At the beach

I had a rare opportunity to head to the coast earlier today. I will be here for Saturday then head back home on Sunday. The weather is fantastic. It is the warmest it has been so far this year. We should have at least 2 more days of sunny weather before the rain storms start rolling in from the Pacific ocean. There is this really nice area of tide pools that I like to visit just south of Newport, Oregon. I'll have to visit them tomorrow since I just missed low tide. While I was out I happen to see a few surfers braving the waves in their wetsuits. I also saw something I had not seen before, they had their surfboards in surfboard bags. I had always seen surfboards arrive on the top of a car or in the back bed of a pick-up truck. This was the first time I had ever seen them in bags. I had not priced surfboards lately but considering that everything else has gone up in price so has the surfboard. They were just protecting their surfboard investment! I had better get some rest now since I am planning a busy day tomorrow.

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