Saturday, April 19, 2008

Summer camp

My younger sister still lives with my parents and mom recently asked her if she wanted to do anything special this coming summer. She is very much like me. We both enjoy wildlife and she is the artist in the family so when she goes on vacation she takes her sketch book with her. Both mom and I thought she might pick a summer camp this year since mom and dad have a bit more money to spend now that my college tuition is paid for. She told mom that she was not interested in the team sports camps like she was in years past but wanted to still wanted to stay active. She saw several interesting types of summer camps on a local TV show a few weeks back. The one that piqued her interest was a surfing summer camp.

When my mom told me about my little sister wanting to learn how to surf and go to camp I must have had a look of envy on my face. My mom knew right away that it would have been something that I would have loved when I was younger. I don't even think that they had surfing summer camps for kids just 8 years ago otherwise I would have found out and bugged the heck out of my parents to send me. If my sister ends up going to surfing camp she has to promise me to take photos so I can put them on this blog.

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