Thursday, July 17, 2008

All the pretty fish

It is time I wrote a mellow blog post about fish instead of standing on my usual soap box about Global Warming. I am not against having aquarium saltwater fish or fresh water fish as pets. It is sometimes the only way people can get a first hand appreciation of our water world, by caring and understanding wildlife first hand. I am against depleting our world's fish population by catching wild fish and putting them for sale as pets. I am on the other hand all for any Saltwater Fish Store that gets it's stock from a commercial or hobbyist fish breeder.

If you are considering adding fish to your marine aquarium and consider yourself a ecology advocate then I strongly suggest you ask the supplier of your fish or Live coral where they acquired them. If you find out that they also are pro-ecology just as you are then my guess is that you will spread a positive word about how they are doing something good about the environment. If on the other hand they are simply raping the environment to line their own pockets I bet they won't be in business very long.

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