Monday, July 21, 2008

The loggerhead sea turtle

The loggerhead sea turtle is found on the east coast of the USA from the Carolina's to Florida. It is an endangered species. I would love to take a trip to the east coast of the USA just to see first hand these creatures come up on shore to lay their eggs each year. There is a large undisturbed barrier island off the shore of North Carolina that is home to the loggerhead turtle, it is called Masonboro Island. The island is accessible by boat only and is located just off the southern tip of Wrightsville Beach.

If I ever get the money together to go to the east coast that island will be on my agenda. If I really liked the area, who knows, I might drop in on a local Wrightsville Beach real estate agent and ask about a small cottage near the beach. I am the type of person that falls in love with the areas that I visit and always want to live there until I find another place to fall in love with.

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Lydia said...

I fall in love with the places I visit, too, but none hold me as much as the appalachians and Scotland- even though I've yet to go to Scotland. I live in Florida, and have yet to see wild sea turtles, sadly. :(