Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just a walk on the beach

I really can't see how people say that walking on a beach is just a relaxing stroll. Those people have not been to the beach lately. Remember when you were just a kid and just following your family with a towel or a small bag was a chore once you got to the beach? That was because to typically get to the water's edge you had to cross those enormous sand dunes that seemed like you were crossing the Sahara Desert. Even running on the beach wore you out.

If you look at a typical beach you have the sand that is firm at the water's edge followed by looser sand the further away from the water you are. If you are walking, running, playing or just strolling at the higher beach level then you don't have to worry about finding the best diet pill that works in the entire world because you won't need it. You'll not only be worn out in a few hours but you'll have fun getting that way.

I think that if more people just took a walk on the beach they would be healthier and have a better outlook on life.

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