Sunday, July 12, 2009

Safety around the water

Here in the Northwest USA we have very cold rivers. When ever it gets hot people flock to local rivers and streams to cool off. What they should do is visit the local lakes since they are warmer than the fast moving, cold streams and rivers.

Oregon has laws about swimming in the rivers. You cannot be in a river without a life vest. Even if you have a flotation device such as an inner tube you still have to wear a life vest. That law covers people that are in boats as well as people visiting the river and swimming in it from shore.

Almost every few days there is a report of someone drowning in a local river in Oregon. Most of the time the body is not found until a few days later. The swift under current that the local rivers have is deadly. There are lots of tree limbs and logs under the water which also makes swimming a hobby left for swimming pools and lakes. So before you venture into the water, forget about looking for affordable life insurance quotes and get a life vest. A good vest is well worth the investment (no pun intended).

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