Friday, September 25, 2009

Laid up with a sprained ankle

I have not written much on this blog lately but that might change. A few days ago the house phone was ringing and dumb me had wet feet and did a faster than usual walk to get to the phone. The ceramic tile floor was not very kind to my wet feet and I slipped. Down I went and twisted my ankle in the process. Of course sliding into the wall was not that much fun either.

It now gives me lots of time to catch up on my text book reading and sharing a few more thoughts here on the blog.


Steve said...

Looking forward to your return and I hope you heal quickly. Jacq (the writer of Factoid Friday on my site) wrote up an article on albino cetaceans if you'd like to read it while you get better. We're both marine bio students so we enjoy stopping by here. I hope to read something from you soon!

Animal Lover said...

Thanks Steve, the ankle is better and now I have been back in college full time. So little time to blog. I do have a writing class so this blog will give me a chance to practice more of my writing skills.