Friday, June 25, 2010

More marine biology should be taught in schools

Something that I always thought that should be taught at the high school level is marine biology. Regular biology class has always been geared toward the medical aspect of learning. Sort of getting students ready for the world of doctors and biological sciences. Not everyone is interested in becoming a doctor or nurse. Some of us want something else that does not have to do with medicine.

Then you also get the push for computer science and even computer clubs at school. I use to get sick just getting those club flyers pushing for more technology. People, the more we move towards technology the further we move away from nature. Just look at how the children of today act. They get their life's experiences from TV, movies and video games. Even the Wii simulates real exercise. Next they will come up with a Wii game that simulates swimming for those who can't really swim.

Boy did I go off on a tangent there, from what I would like to see taught in schools to what kids are doing in their spare time. Well, enough ranting for now....I have got to shut the lid on this laptop and go do something outside with nature.....away from technology, at least for a few hours.

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