Friday, September 3, 2010

Aquarium culture

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post about aquariums and keeping fish. Although I am totally against wild caught fish for the home aquarium, I have nothing against captive bred and raised aquarium fish. I also realize that many people and children often have their first experiences with live fish via a home aquarium. What sparked this post was something I saw at a local pet store.

I have seen some pretty odd stuff in the fish sections of pet stores. A few years back it was "painted fish," followed by "neon fish." Both of them had been treated with a chemical that would make them "pretty" to the customer but would kill the fish. This time what I saw was not as harmful but odd to say the least.

Aquarium plants are not only very plentiful, pretty and do well in fresh water aquariums, providing the amount of lighting is correct, they provide extra aeration to the fish and water. That being said, do not buy land plants and stick them completely under water and expect them to survive. One pet store I was in, was doing that. They had potted lucky bamboo, which is a low light terrestrial plant and had them in the tanks with goldfish, completely submerged. What customers will not realize is the fact that the lucky bamboo (which is not at real bamboo at all, but that is another matter) will slowly deteriorate over time. It does make a great semi-wet terrarium plant where it is only partly submerged but not entirely underwater.

Do your research on what aquatic plants do well with your fish and leave the terrestrial plants on land.

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