Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The awful truth about fish oil harvesting

How many of you use fish oil supplements in your diet or even your pets' diet. Fish oil is used in everything from dog food to male enhancement pills. Do you ever wonder where that fish oil comes from?

Most people think that the oil comes from the fish that are harvested for human consumption, sort of a by-product. That is not entirely true. The fish the oil comes from is a by-product of sorts but not how you would normally think of.

Fish oil is extracted from fish that are not headed for the human or pet food industry. The fish that were caught while net fishing for other fish are the poor victims of the fish oil trade. I bet you thought that non-edible fish that were caught in the fish nets were tossed back into the ocean, didn't you? Nope, they are headed for the fish oil industry.

Humans.......they want to rape the ocean for everything when they put a net in the water.

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