Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Diving around the world

Being injured gives me some time to surf – the internet, that is. Finding some interesting ecology items and just plain wishful thinking on my part. For example I have wanted to go to several places to deep sea dive but funds have been hard to come by so I dream. Here are some of the places I would love to go diving:

Hawaii, need I say more about this place? Warm water and tropical fish. When I was very young my family and I use to live there. I have been to Pango Pango when I was in my late teens and that is another place I would love to revisit.

Alaska for a cold water dive. Something intrigues me about that place.

The Great Barrier Reef off of north Australia. A few of my cousins have been there and they tell me it is fantastic. I have been to Western Australia and the coast line is clean but windy at times.
The Mediterranean. I have never been to Europe and the history that abounds in the area would be a great addition to the dive.

Egypt. In fact I came across a Dahab, Egypt dive guide that was interesting.

In fact the website that has the Egypt dive guide is a blog run by divers. The blog is called Dive Guide Book. They actually go out on dives and map the underwater areas for other divers. They have many other dive guides like Caribbean Dive sites. If you are planning on a diving vacation this is a blog you should check out.

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